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In each woman's life comes a moment when there is need for a gynecologist consultation,
if the doctor is known and trusted, has recommended by a girlfriend, mom or colleague...

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From April 12, 2021, an appointment to Dr. Sandra Vītiņa will not be performed for an indefinite period.

We apologize for the inconvenience and welcome you to sign up with our other gynecologists.


Gynecologists - obstetricians consultations (certified specialists ):

  • Sandra Vitina, 
  • Zane Krastina, 
  • Inga Rubule, 
  • Kristine Kempe, 
  • Elina Berzina, 
  • Anna Langrate-Odina, 
  • Klinta Lisnere, 
  • Marta Slaidina.

Gynecological, pregnancy and breast ultrasound services.

Physiotherapist consultations (certified specialist Liga Berzina).

Pregnant women gymnastics, postpartum gymnastics, baby gymnastics
and remedial gymnastics
(certified specialist Liga Berzina).