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In each woman's life comes a moment when there is need for a gynecologist consultation,
if the doctor is known and trusted, has recommended by a girlfriend, mom or colleague...

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Gynecologists - obstetricians consultations (certified specialists ):

  • Sandra Vitina, 
  • Zane Krastina, 
  • Inga Rubule, 
  • Kristine Kempe, 
  • Elina Berzina, 
  • Kristine Strazdina, 
  • doctor Klinta Lisnere, 
  • Marta Slaidina.

Gynecological, pregnancy and breast ultrasound services.

Physiotherapist consultations (certified specialist Liga Berzina).

Pregnant women gymnastics, postpartum gymnastics, baby gymnastics
and remedial gymnastics
(certified specialist Liga Berzina).