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We offer physiotherapist consultations (certified specialist Kristīne Rēboka)

Physiotherapist services during pregnancy

Exercising the back muscles during pregnancy improves posture and reduces back pain, which is common in pregnant women. A growing baby and changing body weight increase the load on the spine, so strong back muscles help maintain the correct back curve and reduce pressure on the spine. Back muscle training not only improves physical well-being during pregnancy, but can also help prepare for an easier birth and recovery process in the postpartum period.

Postpartum exercise

Postpartum exercise is an essential part of a woman's physical and emotional recovery after childbirth. It helps strengthen muscles, especially the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, and promotes weight loss and improves overall well-being, reduces the risk of postpartum depression, and improves energy levels. It is important to start exercising only after the permission of a doctor or physiotherapist, so as not to harm your health. Postpartum exercise programs often include breathing exercises, light aerobics and stretching, which are suitable for new mothers. This is a great way to promote your well-being and regain your strength after the arrival of a child in the family.

Auxilia prima offers its clients individual training under the guidance of certified specialist Kristine Rebok!

Physiotherapist at Auxilia Prima

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