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Services price list

Doctor's practice 'Auxilia Prima'

We offer various types of services for pregnant women and not only. Check out our price list. If you want to apply for a visit, we are waiting for your application.

Doctor's visit

60.00 €

Acute but not urgent same day visit

65.00 €

Resident doctor's visit

50.00 €

Little doctor's visit

30.00 €

Midwife visit during pregnancy monitoring*

25.00 €

Physiotherapist consultation

25.00 €

Prenatal individual preparation class

35.00 €

Prenatal preparation class in a group

25.00 €

Medical exercise, pregnant women's exercise, postpartum exercise under the guidance of a physiotherapist

20.00 €

USG gynecological T/vag or T/abd and up to 12 weeks of pregnancy*

55.00 €

USG for a pregnant woman after the 12th week of pregnancy

60.00 €

1st or 2nd trimester organ screening USG

65.00 €

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